How we work

Our vision

Our vision is a world free of human rabies.

We envision a world in which everyone, regardless of race, creed, or financial means

  • is aware of the risk of rabies
  • is empowered to protect themselves and their community from rabies
  • has access to accurate knowledge about the disease
  • understands that teasing or provoking animals, especially dogs, can be dangerous as well as cruel
  • has timely access to adequate treatment in the event of exposure to the virus; 

dogs everywhere are

  • well cared for and regularly vaccinated against rabies
  • valued as a protective barrier against infection (rather than feared and despised as a potential source of it);

and, in which, infrastructures are in place to respond rapidly, effectively and humanely to

  • outbreaks of rabies
  • new strains of lyssavirus
  • the potential consequences of these events.

Our mission

The mission of the Alliance is to prevent human deaths from rabies and relieve the burden of rabies in other animal populations, especially dogs.

This includes

  • protecting people from the terror, poverty, suffering and death that rabies brings and end the injustice that sees this entirely preventable disease still kills over 55,000 people every year, 99% of them from the world’s poorest communities
  • promoting healthy relationships between people and dogs
  • alleviating the burden of the disease in animals in general.

Annual report 2015

Annual report 2014

Our patron

We are grateful for the support of our patron, internationally renowned author, Alexander McCall Smith.

“If you want to help Africa, my recommendation is GARC. This is money that is very very well spent. Not only is it saving human life, it is improving animal welfare.”

You can watch a video about his visit to our project in Tanzania here: