Three new papers from GARC authors

In the last two months, GARC staff members published three scientific papers related to the work GARC is doing to combat canine rabies

World Rabies Day grows again

World Rabies Day 2015 had the largest global participation so far and continues to connect, unite and motivate the rabies prevention community

Richard Branson adds his voice to End Rabies Now

World famous entrepreneur Richard Branson endorses the End Rabies Now campaign

Editorial: Launch of the End Rabies Now campaign – it’s time to make rabies history

The End Rabies Campaign is a year-round campaign to bring the world’s attention to the global burden of rabies and its prevention and to help direct resources towards the countries that need it most.

GARC and FAO strengthen collaboration

The long-standing collaboration between GARC and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was formalised in October with a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations, signed in the regional FAO office in South Africa.

One Health workshop on rabies in Haiti

Haitian and international partners attended a One Health workshop on the control and prevention of rabies in Haiti from the 14-16th of September 2015. The proceedings included a comprehensive symposium on the current Haitian rabies situation, updates to the national control strategy for the elimination of rabies, and the training of 47 participants in the Rabies Educator Certificate (REC) course.

New campaign seeks an end to rabies deaths in 15 years

The End Rabies Now campaign urges the international community to step up efforts to eliminate human deaths due to canine-mediated rabies around the world in just 15 years’ time.

Professor David Heymann launches GARC Advisory Council

GARC is setting up an Advisory Council of experts to support and guide us as we advocate for rabies elimination at the global and regional levels. We are pleased to announce that Professor David Heymann has accepted a position on this Board.

Time to invest in defeating human rabies transmitted by dogs

New report by WHO, OIE, FAO and GARC demonstrates the feasibility of global rabies elimination

Editorial: World Rabies Day is special every year

World Rabies Day is the perfect time to celebrate successes and encourage others to become part of the movement to eliminate the world’s deadliest disease