Vaccination teams in Zanzibar supported by GARC

Animal health professionals take Zanzibar one step closer to rabies elimination.

Through never-ending grit and determination, animal health professionals across Zanzibar are progressing the country’s rabies elimination efforts by vaccinating dogs across the island every year with the help of the GARC App on their mobile phones. Learn more inside.
Professor Louis Nel, Executive Director of GARC

A word from our Executive Director

Hear from our Executive Director, Professor Louis Nel, as he briefly reflects on our purpose and quintessential strategy, and thanks our partners and collaborators for their support.
GARC's activities in 2021

Overview of the main activities of GARC in 2021

We look back at 2021 and highlight some of our activities and achievements for the year. While our ability to provide in-person support continued to be significantly hindered because of travel restrictions and lockdowns, we remained committed to ensure that the goal of rabies elimination should not be forgotten during these extraordinary times.
World Rabies Day 2021 event collage

Facts, not Fear in the spotlight for World Rabies Day 2021!

World Rabies Day 2021 was made a success by all of you in the rabies community! GARC would like to thank you all for your participation - which exceeded last year’s - and highlight some of the many activities that made 2021 so special!
Philippines Rabies Rapid Response Toolkit cover page

Rapid Response Toolkit for Rabies in the Philippines

Prompt action saves lives. The Philippines is developing the Rapid Response Toolkit for Rabies to serve as a quick reference guide to effectively respond to rabies. Through the One Health approach, the toolkit highlights the importance of collaboration among various stakeholders in responding to rabies cases efficiently.
World Rabies Day 2021. Rabies: Facts, not Fear

Start spreading facts, not fear!

World Rabies Day 2021 is almost here! Get involved by registering an event and help dispel myths and misconceptions about rabies. Take action now to be part of the global movement to End Rabies Now!
Action For Animal Health logo

GARC joins coalition to improve Animal Health globally

GARC believes in partnerships and working together so that we can make a bigger impact and strive for a healthier planet, healthier animals, and healthier people globally. Most recently, we joined the Action for Animal Health coalition that will work to advocate for stronger animal health systems.
World Rabies Day 2021. Rabies: Facts, not Fear

Bigger and better. The World Rabies Day awards for 2021

The World Rabies Day awards are here again, and this is your chance to shine! This year, Boehringer-Ingelheim are proudly supporting the awards and with the new supporter comes a host of exciting changes – including new categories and bigger prizes!
End Rabies Now campaign badge

End Rabies Now: Stronger and better through partnership!

The End Rabies Now campaign is now stronger and better than ever, thanks to our latest partnership with Biogénesis Bagó who have committed to support the campaign. With this partnership, we will be able to celebrate more stories and champions from around the world – in so doing, recognizing their fantastic efforts to eliminate rabies.
End Rabies Now campaign

End Rabies Now: a call to action for a new vision.

The initial goal of the End Rabies Now (ERN) campaign was a resounding success – we set a globally agreed upon goal and developed an endorsed global strategic plan for the elimination of dog-transmitted human rabies by 2030. Now it is time to establish a new vision for ERN. We are excited to announce a fresh new vision for ERN, as a platform focused on uniting and promoting civil society.