Pays membres d'ARACON

New publication on the creation of ARACON to support Asian countries

During the inaugural meeting of the Pan-African Rabies Control Network (PARACON), member countries evaluated their progress and developed country-specific Practical Workplans based on their SARE outcomes. Learn more about the formation of the ARACON network, the meeting and the tools used from a recent article by GARC to be published in the September issue of Antiviral Research.

Protecting 4 billion people against rabies through strengthened regional collaboration: The 1st ARACON meeting

In Asia, more than 4 billion people continue to be at risk of rabies. Of the estimated 59,000 human rabies deaths every year, the majority (59.6%) occur in Asia.  As an expansion of GARC’s regional rabies networks, the 1st Asian Rabies Control Network (ARACON) Meeting was held in Bangkok, Thailand from 13-14th March 2018.