Agnes Korir **AWARDEE**

Shortlist Category: Individual

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Kenya

Sharon Live On Foundation

Sharon Korir at her teacher's wedding about a month before her deathFollowing the tragic loss in 2004 of her seven year old daughter, Sharon, to rabies, Dr. Agnes Korir founded the Sharon Live On Foundation.

The picture shows Sharon at her teacher's wedding about a month before her death.

So far the foundation has delivered over 270,000 vaccinations to dogs, over 150,000 in Nandi County, Kenya, where Sharon received her fatal exposure to rabies through a dog bite.

Dr. Korir makes personal sacrifices to ensure rabies control initiatives continue to run and works with strategic partners like the Kenya Veterinary Association.

The Sharon Live On Foundation have held over 60 sensitization sessions in different communities to raise  awareness of the risk of rabies and its prevention. 

Dr. Korir talks to a rural community about rabies"Whenever I get the opportunity I always share the rabies story for it is not known by many and it is just a story until they understand that rabies can kill their loved ones. I live to help share the message and eliminate rabies." says Dr. Korir.


Dr. Korir comforts a grieving father, who lost his 12 year old daughter to rabies in April 2016.