Liberia Animal Welfare & Conservation Society **AWARDEE**

Shortlist Category: Organisation

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Country: Liberia

LAWCS has been active in rabies awareness and dog bite prevention education in schools and communities, and free dog rabies vaccination campaigns. LAWCS prioritizes education in schools and communities as crucial to the elimination of rabies in Liberia, along with rabies vaccines for dogs, and has reached over 50,000 school children in Lofa County. It has hosted World Rabies Day events since 2010 and reached over 20,000 people.

It runs a programme called "Responsible Dog Ownership Program" geared towards improving the welfare of dogs to reduce the transmission of diseases, including rabies. This programme also provides free veterinary care and treatment to dogs and cats in Lofa County, with over 500 dogs and cats treated every year. 

LAWCS is currently surveying dog population survey in the county to document the number of dogs, educate their owners, and work with other organizations to provide rabies vaccines to those dogs.