Visakha Society For Protection And Care of Animals **AWARDEE**

Shortlist Category: Organisation

Region: Asia & Oceania (excluding Central Asia)

Country: India

The Visakha SPCA, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, was formed in 1996, planning to advocate for and implement humane alternatives to the brutal killing of street dogs.

It has worked with local authorities to implement an anti-rabies and spay/neuter programme since 1998, and the killing has been stopped. Its programme, which began in a radius of 20 kms, has now spread to over 400 kms. So far, 110,000 dogs have been reached.

The VSPCA also collaborates with other major districts of the State to conduct mass vaccination and awareness programmes. It now has a dedicated mobile spay programme for rural areas, and it ventured beyond the city due to the high incidence of rabies and lack of sterilisation programmes in these areas. There has been a lot of enthusiasm among the rural public for this programme, as it reduces fear of street dogs, and enables protection of both people and animals.  

The organisation strongly advocates waste management along with the spay neuter programme as an essential element for dog population management.