Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate social media toolkit

The Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate social media campaign toolkit has been developed to support World Rabies Day 2019. It focuses on this year's World Rabies Day theme – Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate.

The toolkit aims to -

  • Share basic rabies prevention messages with the community
  • Provide calls to action around World Rabies Day
  • Share progress towards the goal of elimination of deaths by 2030

It consists of a suggested set of graphics, rabies prevention messages and links to resources or further information. We invite you to use this as a base to create your own campaign, using the same set of images, messages and links, or modifying as needed to best meet the needs of your programmes and network. 

The Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate toolkit provides the graphics, messages and links that you can mix and match to promote your work around World Rabies Day. You can also download the complete set of images

GARC will be sending out messages via Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtags #WorldRabiesDay, #EndRabiesNow, #rabies and #Zeroby30

If GARC is tagged (Twitter or Facebook) or #WorldRabiesDay is used, we will share your messages on our network as well.

There are many ways in which you (governments, organisations and individuals) can join the campaign –

  • Share and like our posts
  • Send out the existing messages through your social media networks, modifying wherever relevant
  • Create and send out a new set of graphics and messages