What we're doing on the African continent

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PARACON- Pan-African Rabies Control Network

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Professor Louis Nel, GARC Chief Executive, opened the inaugural PARACON meeting by harnessing this African proverb to set the tone for the task ahead.

The meeting, held in South Africa 9th-11th June 2015, is the first time that so many African nations have come together to tackle the problem of endemic canine rabies.

Visit the PARACON website here to find out more about the goals of this pioneering GARC initiative. 

Poster Outreach

We provide generic rabies information posters to applicants in around 8 African countries but this year we have been working on more targeted collaborations in Kenya and Nigeria. 

Here, we are collaborating with local partners to produce tailor-made posters and factsheets. The aim is to synchronise messages and make them relevant to specific situations. 


In Nigeria, we worked with partners to produce a poster and flyer for customs posts at border areas, where they are experiencing problems with rabies.


In Kenya, we have collaborated in the production of a One Health rabies fact sheet for use in hospitals. Our local partners work with hospital staff to distribute them.


These projects provide our partners with materials to help them address specific local situations. And they provide us with a deeper understanding of how to adapt the rabies message to different cultures and problems.


In the capital city of Chad, N'Djamena, we're overseeing a dog vaccination and awareness project that is an adaptation of our Bohol model.

The project will

  • eliminate rabies in the local dogs by vaccinating over 70% of the dog population
  • mobilizing the community to improve dog population management
  • raise the general public's awareness of rabies with radio and telelvision campaigns
  • provide teaching materials for schools
  • monitor the incidence of rabies and of dog bites

The project is funded by UBS.


Knowledge is key to preventing rabies. People need to understand the risks and know what to do if they are exposed to the virus.

In collaboration with the University of Glasgow, we are comparing the relative effectiveness of community education with school education in Tanzania.

The results of this study will help us design our education programs for Africa.

Media Toolkit for World Rabies Day Africa

The media can play a big role in promoting your World Rabies Day event.

Our media toolkit is designed to help you help the media to get the rabies prevention messages to more people.