• 60% of the people who die from rabies are children under the age of 15

  • Many families turn to traditional remedies or faith healers - ineffectual at treating rabies

Because education saves lives

GARC is pleased to announce the launch of the first of its online education programs, the Rabies Educator Certificate (REC). 

The REC is a free web-based course developed to help meet the need to effectively disseminate accurate, life-saving information to at-risk communities.

The course is open to anyone but aimed specifically at people who work regularly in these communities, and who are in a position to address community education on rabies. These people may be health/veterinary/community personnel who regularly visit communities, or it may be key people within the communities themselves who want to do something about rabies education. 

This online course has five modules:

  • What is rabies and how do people and animals get the disease?
  • How to avoid dog bites and prevent rabies
  • Caring for animals
  • Understanding the role of a community educator in preventing dog bites and rabies
  • Communicating with people

Each module contains specific and clear information that should be applicable to all situations, regardless of geographical location and circumstances.

Participants can access the course at It is self-paced, so participants can complete it in their own time, although it should take between four and seven hours in total depending on previous knowledge and experience.

For those with slow or intermittent internet access, the whole course can be downloaded and studied offline. On passing a final online assessment, participants receive a certificate of achievement and should be ready to provide life saving information to their target communities.

This is the first of GARC’s new online courses, and there are plans to provide it in other languages besides English by the end of the year.  We look forward to hearing the feedback of stakeholders and participants: please join the course at and share this information with your networks. 

GARC is grateful to Crucell for its generous support for the development of this course.

For queries or more information, please contact us here