Rabies Heroes

Rosaline Pinto is a schoolteacher in one of the villages of GARC’s Adopt a Village project. Children are most at risk of rabies because of their close contact with dogs. So, teaching children about rabies and how to be safe around animals an important way to prevent exposure to the disease.

"In my experience as a teacher since the past 20 years, I have seen several children with dog bites. Majority of the times children don’t reveal this incident to their parents. There is lack of awareness among people in our village regarding rabies and traditional practices like application of herbs to wounds and consulting religious practitioners continue to be practiced.

We teach our school children on the dos and don’ts following dog/animal bites through an innovative ‘snake and ladder game’ given to us from the project team.

We have organized the rabies awareness rally, exhibited posters, conducted drawing and painting competition to schoolchildren on the topic of rabies and its prevention. It’s my pleasure to be part of the project in the prevention and control of the disease in our village.”

In her work, Rosaline helps the children she teaches play, enjoy and respect animals in a way that is safe. She is our teaching Rabies Hero.