A scratch of a dog could cause rabies

Sri. Venkateshwara College of  Engineering, Bengaluru have organized the World Rabies day event on 28th Sept 2017.

The event will highlight an invited lecture on Rabies Zoonosis by Dr. N.L. Gangadhar, Sr.  Scientist Zoonosis Bengaluru.   

Dr. M. Shashidhar, Chief executive Director, Mr. V. Muniyappa, the chairman, Dr. Suresh, the Principal,  Mr. Shreepad joshi, the registrar, Dr.  Guru Raj Mortugudde the Professor & Head Dept of ISE and about 250 students and staff of the college are expected to participate.



event was well attended and very well participated by students and faculty.  It was more significant because the audience were from diverse educational background  (Not bio-science  group)  The VIPS present in the event were 

1. Dr. Gururaj Murtugudde, Prof. & Head, Dept. of ISE, SVCE, 2. Dr. Shrishail Math, Prof. & Head, Dept. of CSE, SVCE, 3. Dr. Linga Reddy, COE, SVCE, 

4. Dr.  N.L. Gangadhar Sr. Scientist Zoonosis,  5. Dr. Shivshankar, Prof. & Head, Dept. of ECE, SVCE  ,6. Dr. Nageswara M Guptha, Head Center for Q-RIDES, SVCE, 

7. Mr. Rohith Bhandwalkar, Volunteer, ISHA Foundation,  and large number of students and faculty.  The other key personallities of SVCE are: 

Dr. Suresha, Principal,  Dr. M Shashidhar, CED,  Sri V Muniyappa, Chairman,  Sri Shripad Joshi, Registrat, SVCE.

A pledge was taken to support zero rabies mission of GARC.


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A scratch of a dog could cause rabies