As part of the extended efforts to achieve the 2030 global agenda of creating/achieving a rabies free world, it is very imperative that the upcoming veterinarians are fully indoctrinated in the global effort.

Where as the time frame within which this global agenda should be met is narrowing down, rabies cases have remained high and often unreported especially in animals [including pets].

It is against the above background that I seek to mobilize, motivate and maximumly involve Veterinary students at Makerere University, College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Biosecurity (CoVAB), in this year's rabies day commemorations.

This is aimed at improving awareness about this achievable global agenda with specific focus on amplification of knowledge about facts including;

1. Rabies can be eliminated by vaccination.

2. Vaccination of animals (pets) against rabies can protect humans.

3. Improved animal welfare can reduce rabies cases in both animal and human population.

4. A rabies free world is safe for both animals and humans.

5. It is Everybody's responsibility to cause elimination of rabies.

6. Veterinarians are one of the at risk groups [after children].