An entire week dedicated to raising awareness of rabies in the Gauteng province. The Themba Animal Clinic in Hammanskraal is responsible for hosting and planning this event on behalf of GDARD (Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development). During the week many schools in the area will be visited by the Themba veterinarians, rabies will be the primary focus, educating children about the disease and how to recognise it in animals, what to do when they see a suspect animal and what to do when they suspect human exposure. Along with these activities a rabies vaccination campaign will also be happening, where school children can bring their animals for free vaccinations of their animals against rabies. The main event will be held on 28 September where numerous other stakeholders will all get together for a community event to raise rabies awareness in Hammanskraal. On this day there will be talks held at the main venue, displays from the participating stakeholders as well as another rabies vaccination campaign.