World Rabies Day in Taiwan of 2022: the front row on the right side of the quarantine dog is the mayor of Kaohsiung City, Dr. Chen Chi-Mai, MD wearing a blue shirt; and the lady on the left of the quarantine dog is the Chief veterinarian officer (CVO) of Taiwan, Dr. Du Wen-Jane wearing a white shirt, she is also the Director of the BAPHIQ. Others are pet owners, officers and Kaohsiung City Senator Ms Lee (front row, 3rd from the right), etc.

The World Rabies Day event at Taiwan in 2022 was hosted by the Kaohsiung City Animal Protection Department at Aozidi Forest Park on September 25 (Sunday) at 3:00 p.m. Attendees were: Mayor of Kaohsiung City, Dr. Chen Chi-Mai, MD, Director Zhang Qingrong of the Kaohsiung City Government Agriculture Bureau, Director Du Wen-Jane of the BAPHIQ. Other agencies/organizations were: CDC Gaoping District, the COA, National AHRI, Animal Protection Association of ROC, Taiwan Veterinary Medical Association, all Local veterinary associations, the municipalities, counties/cities animal epidemic prevention agencies and their representatives, as well as pet owners. The demand of this Event was: to arouse people to pay attention to the harm of rabies, to encourage pet owners to respond to the annual Rabies Vaccination program, to call the whole country participating in rabies prevention. In addition to a limited amount of free rabies vaccine and microchip treatment, there were also diversified activities such as pet health consultation and air cushion amusement park etc.