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Description of our work

Pusat Kesehatan Hewan (Puskeswan) Pasirjambu is one of the animal health centers under the auspices of the UPTD Puskeswan dan Laboratorium Dinas Pertanian Kab. Bandung, West Java Province. Puskeswan Pasirjambu is one of the locations that has the potential for livestock and wild animal populations. The coverage of the Pasirjambu area is Soreang, Pasirjambu, Ciwidey and Rancabali. Various services for wild animals and farm animals have been running from 2013 to 2021.

The form of services carried out is in the form of active services for farm animals (field teams) as well as passive services (wild animals such as cats or dogs brought to the Puskeswan by the owner) and service activities held at the Pasirjambu Health Center. Other activities that are often carried out are the development of livestock groups, socialization and counseling of activity programs, visits to livestock groups or individual owners and the Pasirjambu Health Center is also tasked with assisting in the livestock insurance process. Some of the programs that have been running so far is Free Rabies Vaccination. This year Pasirjambu Clinic has conducted rabies vaccination at 700 animal rabies, rabies vaccination was carried out in some villages, such as for example in Cibodas Village, Cisondari Village, Sugihmukti Village, Village Rawabogo and Pamekaran village. In the implementation of rabies vaccination is, of course indispensable support of various stakeholders, especially the local government apparatus associated with an increased understanding of the local communities that have the potential rabies


Impact in numbers

  • 700 free animal rabies vaccinations
  • In 2021 the number of deaths caused by rabies has decreased, up to 80% in the working area of the Puskeswan Pasirjambu.
  • Surveillance:
    • Recorded 3 – 5 bite cases and treat annually
    • District of Pasirjambu: 1080 animal rabies cases
    • District of Ciwidey: 657 animal rabies cases
    • District of Rancabali: 604 animal rabies cases.


Impact (description)

Until now, various attempts have been made, because rabies cases are still found in various regions. Control of rabies disease generally by vaccination, education and elimination of stray dogs, in addition to outreach programs, and traffic control HPR. However, rabies eradication depends not only on problem dogs, but also about the human problems. Basically the success of the control and eradication of rabies depends on the level of public understanding of rabies.

Various efforts have been made by Puskeswan Pasirjambu to reduce the total number of cases in the region bite Puskeswan Pasirjambu work, such as education and information to the public about about the dangers of animal bites that transmit rabies to humans. With outreach efforts to animal owners and free vaccinations, reports of biting cases from the local community have drastically decreased by up to 80%.

With the education delivered to the wider community, regarding the behavior of wild animals and how to handle them and what actions must be taken in the event of a bite case. with understanding in the community space, various bad conditions can be prevented so as to create better conditions between animals and humans.

We have received full local support from the lowest to the highest levels of government in our work area. So that the free rabies vaccination program can run successfully.


Share a personal experience

We have gone through ups and downs in the field. Remote locations, long distances and poor road conditions have been our obstacles until now, when we arrive at locations in several places we often find that pet dogs or cats have been temporarily released so that they are not vaccinated by officers, this happens because there is no understanding related to the prevention of rabies in the community. So gradually we carry out socialization and education to owners about the dangers of rabies and prevention efforts in the form of vaccination. Gradually until finally when we visited the same location, it was they who came over to vaccinate their pets. This is a form of personal satisfaction.



  • Dinas Pertanian Kab. Bandung,
  • the Local Community,
  • Local RT RW Village Apparatus.


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