The Instituto Pasteur de São Paulo has the function of assisting in the prophylaxis and control of human and animal rabies, playing a fundamental role for the epidemiological surveillance of the disease in the State of São Paulo. The activities to fulfill this role are mainly actions of health surveillance through support and guidance to municipalities and diagnosis followed by the viral characterization of samples from different origins and research.

It has major projects to raise awareness about the importance of rabies. Since 2016, for World Rabies Day, it has promoted public visits to the institute, and runs activities focusing on knowledge about rabies in order to inform the population about the risks and forms of control, as well as the different aspects of the disease. The events have the support of the Zoonoses Control Center of the City of São Paulo. For this year's World Rabies, the institute will receive students from Escola Estadual Rodrigues Alves, a public school from State of São Paulo, to learn about rabies.
Since 2007 professional meetings about different aspects of rabies in the State of São Paulo and Brazil have been promoted.

(Adapted extract from nomination)

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