Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection, a shortlisted nominee for the GARC World Rabies Day awards 2020


KOARP Is a professional, volunteer, non-government, independent organization focusing on animal rights’ protection in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Its main goal is to protect animal rights and help neglected, and the cessation of being so, vanished animals by providing a free veterinary care and aid in emergencies at different levels. Our main activities range from pasturing all kinds of animals, especially stray dogs and cats, to raising awareness, by scientific ways, about the need to change beating, punishing, fearing and hurting these animals. Finally, our main goal is supporting a society where people and animals live in a safe and protected environment.

It is in 2009 that KOARP was founded by Dr. Sulaiman Tamer, an animal activist and currently working for the Veterinary Directorate of the Kurdistan Regional Government as consultative veterinarian, whose dream was to establish the first NGO dedicated to the protection of animal rights operating all over Iraq.


Our work:

KOARP works and activities are distributed in 8 fields, as below:

1. Education and public awareness raising about love, respect and care for all animals and the environment.

2. Advocacy for the drafting, upgrading and improvement of the Animal Rights Protection Laws of Kurdistan.

3. Control stray animal population (dogs, cats and donkeys) in Kurdistan.

4. Rescue abused, neglected and abandoned animals and promote adoption, treatment and vaccination.

5. Protect wildlife and their habitats.

6.  Environmental Activities.

7. Supervise, monitor and report the situation of animals to the government.

8. Life hood and host community.


We have a yearly stray and Shepherd dog vaccination campaign. We focus on shepherd dogs that protect sheep, goat and cattle flocks with poor families who have a low income. We also focus on vaccinating and sterilizing stray dogs and cats in the villages, complex and camps.


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Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection, GARC World Rabies Day awards nominee activities 2020, including dog population management.