Meru Animal Welfare Organization (MAWO) works in the Meru district (Arusha region) and Simanjiro district (Manyara region). 

It works on: 

1.Education -  initiatives include giving presentations at primary and secondary schools & supporting MAWO student clubs; working in villages and market places with community leaders to train on proper and humane behavior toward dogs.
2. Radio program - In order to promote rabies awareness to the greater public, MAWO uses the radio to make educational announcements. This radio program provides an understanding dogs welfare and importance of rabies vaccination.The radio broadcasts have spread information in both Swahili and Masai language to ensure large outreach to community.
3. Dog welfare-Because of the rampant over-population of street dogs in Tanzania, MAWO makes it a priority to tackle this problem through initiatives including dog mobile clinics which provide free rabies vaccinations, deworming medication, iodine wound spray, and educational literature for pet owners. It runs a spay and neuter campaign at mobile dog clinics with the goal to reduce the number of stray dogs.

(Modified excerpt from nomination)