Rachel in the TOLFA puppy yard

Rachel Wright set up Tree Of Life For Animals (TOLFA) in 2005. TOLFA currently operates an animal hospital and related educational and support programmes in Rajasthan, Northern India. Since 2005 TOLFA has provided medical care, vaccinations, veterinary treatment and spay/neuter services to more than 170,000 animals.

TOLFA's activities include education in local schools and rural communities; sterilisation of street dogs and rabies vaccinations of all animals that come to the TOLFA animal hospital and regular vaccination drives in the local ommunity street dog populations. 

Rabies has been eliminated from the immediate area to the TOLFA animal hospital. Local schools have now incorporated the TOLFA animal welfare workbook into their school curriculum as standard protocol. Thousands of children have been educated by TOLFA in rabies awareness, safe street dog interactions and what to do in the event of a dog bite.

(Modified excerpt from website and nomination)

TOLFA School Education Project
TOLFA Staff 2018