World Rabies Day is an international day of awareness, created by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC), and is celebrated every year on September 28th. To commemorate this year’s efforts to raise awareness and fight against rabies, IVSA SCOH and the GARC have partnered together to launch a year-long rabies campaign competition.

This competition is open to all IVSA Member organizations. Here's a chance to show us how enthusiastic and ready you are to join the fight against rabies.

Are you willing to join the #EndRabiesNow campaign? Do you have what it takes to end dog-mediated human rabies by 2030? Can you spread awareness to local and rural communities and support dog vaccination in your country? This is an opportunity for you to achieve your mission.

Help make a difference and contribute to the global World Rabies Day 2021 celebrations, and stand a chance to be featured and receive global recognition for the work that you do in the fight against rabies. 


**Please note that this competition is only open to IVSA registered people**

How it works
This competition will occur in three phases.

Phase one

Phase one will include registration, the submission of entries, review, and the selection of regional shortlisted nominees.

Phase two

Phase 2 will include actual implementation and evaluation of the implemented projects by the regional shortlisted nominees

Phase 3

Phase 3 will include declaration of the Grand Prize Winner. Furthermore, the Grand Prize Winner will have the chance to continue, or expand upon, their winning campaign.

In case you missed it

For a complete overview of the competition, guidelines, inspiration and some questions from IVSA Member Organizations, please watch the Webinar recording (from 5 December 2020) available here.

What are we looking for?


•Something that will get the community working with you.

•Something that inspires others to do the same.

Get some inspiration from past World Rabies Day events

A happy girl hugging her dog closely after it got vaccinated against rabies, Philippines.


•The project must be realistic.

•You must be able to implement it in a chosen community.

•Consider the availability of funds (US$300 prize money for the shortlisted projects).

island-wide mass dog vaccination campaign


•Something that is new.

•A revamp or a slight twist on something that has already been done

•Or something entirely novel

•We don’t want to see a “copy paste” from another project.

A man high-fives his pet dog after it gets vaccinated against rabies, Philippines.


Projects that make a difference:

•through education,



•or any other way.

Boy and dog ICAM vaccination drive 2019

Important dates

10 January 2021 - Proposal submission

31 January 2021 - Shortlist announced

17 August 2021 - Shortlisted teams submit reports

28 September 2021 - Grand Prize winner announced

Technical Guidelines


The proposal must be a maximum of 10 pages (A4), including the budget.


The proposal must be written in size 11, Calibri font. 


All proposals must be submitted in English. You will not be marked down if you are not a first-language English speaker, but the contents must be clear and well-written. 


Supporting documentation such as formal agreements, can be added as appendices and will not contribute to the page limit.

Questions and Contact details

For any project-related questions or queries, please contact [email protected]