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World Rabies Day awards 2021

The annual World Rabies Day Awards recognizes Community Rabies Champions from across the world. The 2021 Awards provide even more opportunities to share the stories of people and organizations to prevent rabies in their communities.

The main aim of the World Rabies Day Awards is to recognize and reward extra-ordinary people for their efforts towards rabies elimination. The awards focus on giving recognition to those who may not be receiving suitable recognition for their efforts.

The World Rabies Day awards are focusing on the impact in communities by champions with strengths in different areas.


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What are the benefits of a World Rabies Day Award? 

Overall benefits

  • Your work will be promoted to a much wider audience around the world.
  • The awards can help you gain recognition and potential support for your work.

Benefits of being nominated

  • All nominees will get a downloadable certificate of nomination on request.

Benefits of being shortlisted

  • All shortlisted nominees will receive a certificate recognizing their contributions.
  • They will also benefit from increased global visibility through the online voting process, in which thousands of people will see your or your organization’s name!

Benefits of being an Awardee

This year, GARC has partnered with Boehringer-Ingelheim to deliver the World Rabies Day awards. The prize money has increased and additional support will be provided to awardees.

  • Awardees will receive an award of USD 1,500 to help you continue your excellent efforts towards rabies elimination.
  • Awardees will also receive in-kind support from GARC, valued at 1,500 USD for a total amount of 3,000 USD per award!  
  • Awardees will also receive a plaque and certificate, recognizing their efforts.

Award categories

Veterinary Clinic champion:

This is aimed towards practitioners working in a veterinary clinic that contribute to their community with outreach work or pro bono work. For instance, clinics that provide free rabies vaccinations. 

Education champion: 

This category aims to celebrate those people doing education work in their communities. This can include general awareness and advocacy, educating children, developing great resources or any other education activity relating to rabies elimination. 

Vaccination champion:

This category focuses on celebrating those individuals who contribute to vaccinating dogs against rabies in their community. Awardees will be assessed based on their impact in relation to their capacity, so whether you vaccinate 50 dogs or 3 000 dogs you can still be nominated.

Animal welfare champion:

This category aims to celebrate those individuals who are working to improve dog population management and those who are working to end indiscriminate culling of dogs in the name of rabies control. Any other animal welfare activities are welcome (e.g. shelters, feeding programs etc.) but, the link to rabies elimination should be clear. DPM programs can include sterilization, TNVR campaigns and waste management, among others.  

The Awards are applicable for individuals that work with or for local NGOs or governments that have built sustainable community programs with a focus on rabies prevention.

We recognize the amazing work done by international and national NGOs, academics, and the vaccine sector towards eliminating rabies. However, as the Awards provide a chance for smaller, relatively unknown local champions to share their stories with the rest of the rabies prevention world, this is a great chance to send in a nomination for local partners and other stakeholders. Please feel free to nominate organizations or individuals that you may support.


The World Rabies Day Awards are brought to you by Boehringer-Ingelheim and the Global Alliance for Rabies Control.

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