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World Rabies Day Press Release

Sept. 27, 2016

Rabies continues to kill despite effective animal & human rabies vaccines. Rabies control needs to go beyond human and animal health services

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World Rabies Day - a decade of raising awareness

Sept 28, 2016

The World Rabies Day campaign has had a tangibile impact in rabies awareness and elimination efforts in the last 10 years.

Read the new paper published in Bio-Med Central

The World Rabies Day campaign in the Philippines

Sept. 28, 2016

How one country has embedded World Rabies Day into their goal of rabies eliminaton by 2020.

Read the new paper published in Bio-Med Central

2016: The beginning of the end of rabies?

September 28, 2016

Under our One Health Initiative, WHO, OIE, FAO, and GARC are working on concurrent campaigns to eliminate canine rabies through the vaccination of dogs, the treatment of all potential human rabies exposures with wound washing and post-exposure prophylaxis, and the improvement of education about rabies prevention where it is needed most.