September 28th: World Rabies Day

World Rabies Day is the first and only global day of action and awareness for rabies prevention. It is an opportunity to  unite as a community and for individuals, NGOs and governments to connect and share their work.

Created and coordinated annually by GARC, World Rabies Day, September 28th, focuses on rabies endemic countries, to increase community awareness of the disease and its prevention. World Rabies Day also raises the profile of national and local control programmes and acts as a springboard for year-round capacity building and awareness.

World Rabies Day is a great annual opportunity to increase awareness by holding an event, getting the media interested in your work and connecting with the wider rabies prevention community.

View the 2018 World Rabies Day events from around the world, and the recipients of the 2018 World Rabies Day Awards. You can also view news articles from around the world about World Rabies Day.  

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