Our Story

In 2005, efforts to end rabies were not progressing across Africa and Asia. Although tools were available to eliminate rabies, thousands of people were still dying in neglected communities. There was a lack of collaboration among international stakeholders, experts and sectors, and there was little evidence of successful rabies control programmes in resource poor areas.  

Frustrated by the lack of progress, a leading rabies scientist established the Global Alliance for Rabies Control (GARC) with her own funds to address these issues. Since then, GARC has worked with international stakeholders, governments and local partners to raise awareness about rabies, encourage collaboration, and build the evidence needed to increase political commitment and funding to end dog rabies in every country.

Today, GARC is the leading international rabies non-profit organization. However, it remains a small organisation of dedicated individuals committed to saving lives from one of the deadliest diseases on the planet. A science-led approach, coordination and the promotion of collaboration between animal and human health remain central to all its actions and activities. The Alliance for Rabies Control (ARC) is GARC's sister charity in the UK.