The rabies vaccine is administered to prevent rabies. It is indicated for active immunization against the rabies virus. Vaccines are effective in humans and other animals. The most effective way to prevent the spread of rabies to humans is to vaccinate dogs.

Rabies vaccination is part of the post-exposure treatment of individuals after contact with animals that are rabid or suspected to be rabid. Vaccination with rabies vaccine should begin immediately after exposure to rabies, which has been confirmed or suspected. Other post-exposure treatment measure includes first aid and local wound, and administration of rabies immunoglobulin, if indicated. The choice of immunization schedule for post-exposure prophylaxis depends on the type of wound or exposure and the status of the animal.

Anti Rabies Vaccination program at Ward No. 2 & 3 of Suryavinayak Municipality, Bhakatapur district, Nepal will be carried out.

Approximately 200 stray dogs will be vaccinated during World Rabies Day. The program will start early in the morning at 6 AM and will continue to 12 AM.