Rabies vaccination is being implemented as a pleminary activity to the World Rabies Day to be held in Murkwijit Dip on 28.09.2020 . The exercise is supported by the County department of Veterinary Services, beneficiary Communities, Red Cross under the CP3 program ( Community Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness). 

Animal Health Officer are working together with the community health volunteers and Animal Disease Reporters to mobilize communities and targeting vaccinate 1,200 dogs in the following areas/sites; Sigor, Marich, Lomut, Chepareria, Chepkono, Kabichbich, Kapsait, Kishaunet, Keringet, Siyoi, Karas, Kacheliba, Konyao, Alale, Kasei and Kamila as from 17.09.2020 to 09.10.2020

Areas targeted are Centres with high dog population which has put lives of residents at a big risk. There is increased awareness and subsequent demand for increased coverage for rabies vaccination in the county.

The team is ready to receive support in any form which will be utilized in recruiting more volunteers, procure additional rabies vaccines and facilitation to cover more areas to carry out the exercise.