Prevention and Control of Rabies: Cross Border Activities 

Rabies is reported in southern part of Bhutan (my country) mainly due to porous nature of border sharing with India. Annually about 20-30 rabies incidences were reported in large animals like cattle/horse bitten by rabid dogs and free roaming dogs. Free roaming dogs are often trans-located or trans-movement across border due to porous border and also the free uncontrolled grazing of large domestic animals across border. Rabies is not reported towards interior side of Bhutan and only endemic in south. 

Following solutions/Events are planned to be coordinated > November to December 2018;

1. Cross-border consultative meeting with Indian counterparts through proper government organization: Call both side for consultative meeting: to discuss the issues and challenges, reporting system sharing of notifiable animal disease outbreaks and joint future program activities like disease reporting system sharing, joint preventive activities and platform to share resources.

2. Joint Cross border Activities: To conduct Mass Dog sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination cum public education along border villages. Targeted all border community villages (both side) anti-rabies vaccination of free roaming stray dogs and sterilization program. 

3. Education: Awareness on Rabies to all village communities located along border lines: Involve local leaders, local government, key agencies and stakeholders- through multi-stakeholder approach/holistic approach