Since it was founded, the Instituto Pasteur de São Paulo had the function of assisting in the prevention and control of human and animal rabies, playing a fundamental role for the epidemiological surveillance of the disease in the State of São Paulo.

To raise awareness about the importance of rabies, the Institute has a number of projects - 
World Rabies Day - Since 2016 the Pasteur Institute has promoted community visits to its headquarters. There are several activities with guided tours for the public. The activities focus on knowledge about rabies in order to inform the population about the risks and forms of control, as well as the different aspects of the disease, and include games, puppet theatre, videos and mask painting.
Activity Booklet -  it contains a word search, maze, crossword and  game, is available online, and will be distributed at different Institute events.
Rabies conferences - Since 2007 annual meetings have been held for rabies professionals about different aspects of rabies in the State of São Paulo and Brazil. The events are organized by Instituto Pasteur de São Paulo and experts can share updates on diagnostics and research in conferences, round tables and work groups.

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