JBF has been working on Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies Vaccination (ARV) since 2009 and has operated on more than 20,000 dogs. Besides that, JBF organizes ARV campaigns throughout the year in different parts of Northeast India. JBF recently provided ARV to 40 stray dogs from the fringe areas of Kaziranga National Park and has helped the Kaziranga authority in screening of canine distemper. JBF also provides post flood veterinary support to flood affected people, birds and animals. JBF has been successful in creating mass awareness about dog bite prevention and rabies control till now.

Setting out to make Assam a model state for rabies and dog-bite prevention, JBF along with the state government has initiated counselling programs for dog-bite patients in government hospitals and in the Kamrup district for prevention of dog bites and rabies and education programs for children in government schools.

(Excerpt from nomination)