World Rabies Day theme 2024 is here!

Every year, September 28th marks World Rabies Day, a global initiative aimed at raising awareness and accelerating efforts towards rabies elimination. As we gear up for World Rabies Day 2024, the theme "Breaking Rabies Boundaries" takes center stage, underscoring the urgency to transcend limitations that are hindering our fight against this deadly disease.

World Rabies Day 2024 Theme banner

The chosen theme reflects the pressing need to move beyond the status quo, where rabies elimination remains elusive for many parts of the world, causing suffering and claiming both human and animal lives. Stakeholders worldwide encounter numerous boundaries impeding tangible progress, ranging from disease siloes to gaps in cooperation and access to essential resources.

World Rabies Day 2024 Theme banner explained

"Breaking Rabies Boundaries" encapsulates a dual meaning, acknowledging not only the barriers within our control but also the transboundary nature of rabies itself. To achieve our goal of rabies elimination, we must break a spectrum of boundaries that currently inhibit our progress, including:

  • Breaking Disease Siloes: Aligning efforts with the WHO NTD Roadmap to break through boundaries between diseases and foster integrated approaches.
  • Lack of One Health Collaboration: Breaking the boundaries between sectors and highlighting the vital role of the One Health approach, promoting joint action across sectors to tackle rabies comprehensively.
  • Insufficient cooperation: Breaking boundaries hindering cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders on local, national, and international levels.
  • Lack of innovation: Breaking the boundaries of our current thinking and encouraging the adoption of novel tools and technologies to enhance rabies prevention and control efforts.
  • Small-scale Programs: Breaking the boundaries that restrict programmatic scale up and targeted rabies elimination programs so that we can achieve broader impact.
  • Disease Awareness: Breaking the boundaries of limited public knowledge and disease perceptions so that we can correct misconceptions, change perceptions, and fostering a broader understanding of rabies to drive community engagement.

As we rally together to break these boundaries, World Rabies Day serves as a focal point for joining forces. From mass vaccination campaigns to educational events and policy advocacy, every effort counts. Individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide are invited to participate and make their voices heard.

Join the global movement by registering your event on our online platform, and access resources to amplify your impact. Together, let's break rabies boundaries and pave the way for a world free from this preventable disease.

Prepare to make a difference this World Rabies Day…

because when we unite, we can achieve the extraordinary.

Article contributed by: Kerenza Vlastou (Outreach Manager)