Garçon et chien ICAM rencontre la campagne de vaccination

Why dog population management is important for both people and animals: Dog lovers unite at the 3rd ICAM meeting

Not all dogs are equal, but GARC and its partners are working together to change this through humane dog population management (HDPM) – specifically through the ICAM coalition. Read about the importance of HDPM in rabies control and how we can all work together to address this issue.
Collage de photos de la Journée mondiale contre la rage

What was achieved with your help for World Rabies Day 2019?

World Rabies Day was once again a massive success, thanks to your participation. Through your activities and efforts, the profile of rabies globally was elevated. Read more about some of the great things that you did around the world.

United Against Rabies collaboration celebrates one year of progress towards zero human rabies deaths by 2030

Since the launch of ‘Zero by 30’ in 2018, the United Against Rabies collaboration has made progress to empower, engage and enable countries to reach the rabies elimination goal by 2030. Released today on World Rabies Day, the first annual progress report describes the incremental, collaborative impact of the four partners in promoting the One Health approach and achieving the three objectives of the Global Strategic Plan.

India: In-country SARE workshop defines needed steps towards rabies elimination

In preparation for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) meeting in June 2019, a Stepwise Approach towards Rabies Elimination (SARE) workshop was held in New Delhi, India to assess its progress in rabies control. It was conducted  from 6–8 June, with federal representatives from various ministries, including the Animal Husbandry Commissioner and the Joint Secretary of Livestock Health. 

Philippine health professionals gear up to teach rabies prevention to 21 million school children

To expand the pool of rabies educators in the Philippines to include non-classroom personnel, the Department of Education conducted a national workshop to equip school health personnel with rabies knowledge and new strategies for teaching children about the fatal disease. The workshop, entitled the National Orientation on Integration of Rabies Education in the National Curriculum, was held in May for more than 40 doctors, nurses, and dentists from almost all regions in the Philippines.

Community surveillance and education boost rabies control at the village level

GARC’s Community-Based Rabies Surveillance (CBRS) project was implemented in the Philippines in February 2019, and now that the CBRS system has been in place in Poblacion Village for 6 months, the use of a more active surveillance system has resulted in an increase in reportable rabies events in 2019 compared to the previous year. Additionally, as of August 2019, a total of 8 confirmed animal rabies cases were detected in the entire city, compared to just 5 during the same time period in 2018. 

Triathletes raise £2500 for GARC by competing in first ever Irish Ironman race

Four British friends decided to turn their planned triathlon adventure into a charity fundraiser, raising funds of nearly £10K for GARC and other organizations. They were inspired after hearing Professor Sarah Cleaveland, a highly regarded researcher from the University of Glasgow, speak at the Royal Society about her work in rabies control and the challenges facing rabies-endemic countries.

Country connections – building a picture of GARC’s in-country work and relationships

A newly updated section has been launched on the GARC website to provide a more comprehensive overview of the progress made by governments working in collaboration with GARC.

SARE workshop steers Sri Lanka towards rabies elimination

To help drive rabies control efforts towards disease elimination, an in-country Stepwise Approach Towards Rabies Elimination (SARE) workshop was conducted in Sri Lanka with GARC facilitating and providing technical support.

Who’s inspiring you this World Rabies Day?

World Rabies Day, the biggest day in the rabies prevention calendar, is only a few weeks away on September 28th. Even if you aren’t  personally involved in an event this year, you can still tell the world about the rabies champions you know and ensure that their work reaches a much bigger audience.