Empowering certified rabies graduates to become champions in their own communities.

Man using megaphone

With the latest revisions and updates – created and reviewed by an international panel of experts – the time to undertake the Community Coordinator for Rabies Certificate (CCC) course and become more than a rabies educator in your community is now.

With the CCC you can become a rabies champion and focal person. In addition, you can use this knowledge not only for rabies, but to explain other diseases too as the revisions include new sections on overcoming vaccine hesitancy and treatment (something that is aligned with vaccine hesitancy during the COVID-19 pandemic) and a theme that aligns perfectly with this year’s World Rabies Day theme.

For those of you who are not aware of the CCC course, it is an informative course that provides an additional layer of proficiency to certified rabies educators. The course enables REC graduates to become rabies champions in their community and focuses on the following:

  • Building relationships with community’s authority figures (e.g. community leaders and traditional healers) so that rabies activities can be effective and impactful.
  • Assisting with the planning and implementation of dog vaccination events so that all of the dogs, and community members, can be protected.
  • Giving accurate advice to community members that have been exposed to suspect animals so that they receive the correct treatment.
  • Advocating for proper waste management to reduce free-roaming dogs and prevent unnecessary bite cases.

If you have completed the REC course, then don’t hesitate – log in and start your CCC course now. For those who are not yet REC graduates, why wait?! Becoming certified is a great way to celebrate World Rabies Day (remember to register your event) and you can be celebrated globally with our Faces Of Rabies Control and Elimination (FORCE) campaign. Let’s join together and create a world full of rabies champions so that we can reach our goal of Zero By 30! Get certified with the CCC, and End Rabies Now. 

We at GARC would like to share a special thanks to Dr. Darren Bugden who has volunteered much of his time and expertise by assisting us with reviewing the coursework and providing valuable feedback in terms of the revisions. With his exemplary help, the CCC course has been vastly improved and has been made more accessible to more people globally. Thank you!