World Rabies Day Award criteria

World Rabies Day awards 2021
  1. At the time of nomination, nominees must be contributing actively to the field of rabies prevention/control.
  2. Nominees will be chosen for the impact of their work at the local community level.
  3. Historical projects may be used as part of a broader nomination, but cannot be used as the sole reason for nomination.
  4. Self-nominations are welcomed.
  5. While nominations are for individuals, the relevant work of your organization can be included, as we do not expect you to achieve everything alone. Please be sure to only include work that the individual is involved with within their organization.
  6. If governments or government employees are award recipients, the cash award will be replaced by a non-monetary contribution of equal value to their rabies awareness program. This can include the design and printing costs for awareness materials such as posters or leaflets, a public service announcement in mass media, conference registration/attendance or similar activities. Vaccines and equipment will not be considered.
  7. Past and current staff of organizers and the judging panel are ineligible for the awards.
  8. Nominations are strongly preferred in English, but other languages will be considered where possible.
  9. Nominations must be completed online.