Welcome to the Rabies Ambassadors program! Here, you'll meet inspired and motivated public figures handpicked by GARC for their unwavering passion in spreading rabies facts.

Our Ambassadors are dedicated advocates committed to dispelling myths, promoting factual information, and spreading positive messages about the preventability of rabies. As certified Rabies Educators, they play a crucial role in educating the public about the following key areas:

  • Preventability: Highlighting the preventable nature of rabies and the importance of timely vaccinations.
  • Responsible Pet Ownership: Emphasizing the role of responsible pet ownership and the significance of vaccinating pets to safeguard both humans and animals.
  • Awareness: Shedding light on the unfortunate reality that dogs are often victims of rabies and that all dogs need to be vaccinated to eliminate the disease.
  • Community Engagement: Stressing the importance of, and the need for, community involvement in the elimination of rabies.
  • Safe Travel Practices: Providing insights on safe travel practices to empower individuals to protect themselves from the risks of rabies.

Meet Our First Rabies Ambassadors

We are thrilled to introduce our inaugural Rabies Ambassadors, Sara Benhabbari and Larissa Kolasinski. Both Sara and Larissa share our passion for rabies prevention and are dedicated to making a difference in their daily lives and with their online communities and beyond, as they are both travel enthusiasts.

Sara Benhabbari 

Sara Benhabbari with dog after Marathon. Rabies Ambassador 2024

Sara, residing in Morocco, is the founder of Moroccan Marathon Runners and dedicates her time to both marketing work and volunteering for dog protection initiatives. With a heart for both humans and animals, Sara is committed to raising awareness about rabies prevention and promoting responsible pet ownership within her community. Her tireless efforts reflect her unwavering dedication to making a positive impact.

You can also follow Sara on Facebook and LinkedIn

Larissa Kolasinksi 

Larissa Kolasinski Rabies Ambassador 2024

Larissa, based in the USA, is not only a sub 3-hour Marathoner but also a Guinness World Record Holder. A passionate advocate for rabies prevention, she draws from her firsthand dog-bite experience (while running in Kuwait). Larissa's enthusiasm extends beyond running as she's also a Charcuterie Board Enthusiast and through her work, Larissa aims to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources they need to prevent rabies.

You can also follow Larissa on LinkedIn.

Together, Sara and Larissa exemplify the spirit of the Rabies Ambassadors Program – passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to making a positive impact in the fight against rabies.

Join Us in Saving Lives

Rabies Ambassadors play a pivotal role in helping GARC reach new audiences and communities. By spreading awareness and advocating for rabies prevention, together, we can save more human and animal lives from this deadly disease.

Join us in our mission to eliminate rabies worldwide.

Together, we can make a difference.