Are you passionate about dogs and their welfare?

The DWC course provides realistic advice and practical tips, specifically designed for people with limited resources, to ensure that dog health and welfare is adequate no matter the area or a person’s financial constraints.


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This course is tailored for individuals passionate about promoting the well-being of dogs. Whether you're a concerned dog owner, an animal enthusiast, or a professional in the field, this course is designed to provide comprehensive insights into ensuring the best possible care and welfare for dogs. Importantly, the course provides examples and guidance specifically for low-resource settings, ensuring that any person, anywhere in the world, can help improve dog health and welfare. The knowledge gained is invaluable for everyone, from the general public to professionals engaged in various aspects of dog care. This course builds upon the Five Freedoms (introduced in the REC) to establish a strong foundation for understanding and addressing the diverse facets of dog welfare.

Join us in enhancing your understanding and skills to contribute positively to the lives of dogs and the communities they live in!

Core themes of the DWC coursework

  • Providing the best possible diet for a dog with what is available to you.
  • Creating a safe shelter (house) for a dog with limited resources.
  • Understanding dog body language and how this contributes to dog welfare. 
  • Understanding the differences between healthy and problematic dog behavior.
  • Identifying key ways to ensure dog health.


  • English

Global Reach of the DWC

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