3000 Want a Friend, Be a Friend booklets for children in rural South Africa

Thanks to the generosity of our community and a gift from the University of Pretoria, the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute will have 3000 Want a Friend, Be a Friend booklets to distribute to children in rural South Africa.

The booklets are chock full of fun and engaging activities that teach children how to look after animals, how to avoid dog bites and how to prevent rabies. This is a substantial resource which encourages families to keep it so the information is to hand when needed.

Education is the first and most cost effective way to stop the spread of the rabies and Want a Friend, Be a Friend makes learning fun. As part of the campaign, we made an animation of the booklet – if you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here 

Want a Friend, Be a Friend is available to download and reproduce (for non-commercial use) free of charge here [please note, copyright is retained and no alternations may be made to the content].

If you do use it, please share pictures with us – we love to see it in action.

And, on that note, we’ll be sharing pictures of the children receiving their Want a Friend, Be a Friend booklets via our Facebook and Twitter pages when we get them.

The online campaign raised £472 (approximately US$584). A huge thank you to everyone who donated and shared the campaign. You helped make this happen!