Bohol wins again

The Bohol Rabies Elimination Program, which proved that rabies can be eliminated at its source and that children's lives can be saved, has been recognised for excellence again.

Last year, the project was awarded the prestigious Galing Pook prize in the Philippines. Last week, the project was awarded The Charity Award 2013 in the category of Healthcare and Medical Research. Chief Executive, Deborah Briggs and Media Coordinator, Liz Davidson were in London to attend the dinner and award ceremony.

When asked why she had set up the charity, Debbie answered "Most rabies victims are children and I've seen what rabies does to a family. We do this to save the children."

The nominees are judged on ten hallmarks of excellence: leadership, people development, planning, innovation, enterprise, learning, impact measurement, effectiveness, accountability and sustainability.

The project in Bohol focused on empowering the community to take control of rabies prevention, improving education and awareness about the disease, and improving diagnosis and availability of vaccines. You can read more about our Bohol project here.

Deborah was awarded the prize by Dr. Dawn Harper, a medical doctor and tv presenter, and Patrick Nash of the Leadership Trust. In response to winning, she said "To be nominated is an honour, to win is just ... wonderful. This is for all the people in Bohol who make rabies prevention on the island a reality."

The award helps to raise awareness of the disease and is another powerful endorsement of the GARC model of rabies prevention.

Our thanks to the judges, to the Charities Aid Foundation who sponsor the event, and to The Sunday Times and The Times who also support it.

You can read more about the Charity Awards here.

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