GARC Exec Director begins Huffington Post blog

Deborah Briggs, GARC’s executive director and one of the world’s leading authorities on rabies and rabies prevention, posted her first entry on the UK edition of the Huffington Post this week.

In her post, she summarises how GARC achieved success in a project to prevent rabies on the Philippine island of Bohol. The project involved the medics, vets, teachers, and government of the island. But above all, it engaged the people of Bohol, whose ‘the eyes and ears’ were essential in the look out for suspicious animal behaviour.

The Bohol project ran on ‘a shoe-string budget’ but with efforts from across the whole community, brought the number of human deaths from 10 per year to zero, in the period from 2007 to 2010.

The success of the project was showcased at the International Conference on Rabies Prevention, held on the island last week. GARC are now using ‘Bohol’ as a template for other rabies prevention projects.

The purpose of Deborah’s blog is to tackle the other major problem with rabies: that it is a ‘neglected disease’. By raising awareness and showcasing the fantastic results of projects like Bohol, we can bring attention to rabies and focus more people on the fight to stop rabies.

You can read her post here