GARC's new website now live

Following months of planning and work, we are delighted to present you our new website.

"This is really exciting" says Debbie Briggs, GARC's Executive Director. "Rabies control is gathering momentum worldwide and we need to move our work forward by attracting and talking to a wider audience"

Thanks to those of you who provided feedback on our old website. Through your comments we were able to identify what was good and what needed improving. Your comments have helped shape the new look.

The new site is designed to meet the needs of our existing audiences - scientists, vets, health workers and other people affected by, or working with, rabies - but also, to start a new dialogue with people who know nothing about this terrifying disease. 

Our Resources section has extensive free materials suitable for everyone from the general public to research scientists looking for peer reviewed papers. Our News section has latest events in the fight against rabies and updates on our projects, as well as features on people affected by rabies and people working with GARC to combat it. Our newsletter too, has a new html format (although it is still available to download as a pdf, if you prefer).

Education is a key element of our mission and the next stage of the revamp is the development of comprehensive teaching materials. These ready-to-use lesson plans, activities and worksheets, will be age appropriate and available free of charge.  

As well as improving the structure and content of the site, the new look also plays a part in boosting the profile of the disease. "We need to increase our donor base" says Debbie, "to fund new projects and get closer to our goal of a rabies free world". You can help with this by forwarding our web address or newsletter to friends and colleagues, following us on Twitter and 'liking' our Facebook page. These little things really do make a difference.

What do you think? Do you find it easy to use? Can you find what you're looking for? Do you have any suggestions? Please take a good look round the site and get in touch with any thoughts and comments.

Thank you.