Information and education at the borders of Ilocos Norte

Due to GARC’s integrated rabies control project in the province of Ilocos Norte (on Luzon Island, The Philippines), there have been no new cases of rabies in humans or dogs for more than a year. Now as we move towards declaring freedom from rabies, protecting this area from the reintroduction of rabies becomes a priority.

In collaboration with the provincial government and university partners, three types of materials are being produced for the province to remind bus and van operators and their passengers entering Ilocos Norte to have their dogs vaccinated against rabies.

First billboards (left panel) will be set up in three strategic areas: 1) the airport, 2) the Southern land border entrance to the province (municipality of Badoc), and 3) the northern land border entrance to the province (municipality of Pagudpud).

Then, stickers will be posted in vans and buses entering the province (right panel).

Finally, brochures (lower panel) will be distributed to passengers. The brochure contains basic information on rabies, responsible pet ownership, animal bite management, and the pet owners’ responsibilities under the local Rabies Act and penalties for not complying, and highlights that pet dogs should be vaccinated before traveling to Ilocos Norte.