Rabies Saviors Appeal: A huge thank you to our supporters!

A collage of some of the recipients of the donations from the GARC Rabies Saviors appeal and a thank you to the supporters.

We would like to thank all of the supporters of our "Rabies Saviors" appeal. The appeal aimed to raise funds to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to rabies health workers in the Philippines. These people have been risking their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic so that they can continue to provide treatment to bite victims and people who may have been exposed to rabies. 

In total, using the funds raised along with some additional funds from the Community-Based Rabies Surveillance (CBRS) project – supported by Fundacion Probitas and Fondation Botnar, we were able to donate:

  • 20 gallons of isopropyl alcohol to 17 health centers as well as the City Health Office
  • 10 gallons alcohol, 5 gallons disinfectant and 50 reusable face masks to the Office of the City Veterinarian. 

The donation came at just the right time - especially for the Office of the City Veterinarian – as a new COVID-19 isolation facility has recently been erected right beside the city dog pound. 

Health workers at the Tunasan Health Center in the Philippines receive the Rabies Saviors donation from the generous donors through GARC.

Watch the video below to see how many health centers benefitted from your kind donations. The donations reached across the whole of Muntinlupa City, ensuring that 550,000 people had access to rabies treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Workers at the City veterinarian office in Philippines receive the donation from the supporters of GARC's Rabies Saviors appeal.

A huge thanks goes out to everyone for their support - you helped keep frontline rabies workers safe from COVID-19, ensuring they could continue to save lives from rabies. Through your generosity and support, we as a global community have taken steps to limit the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our efforts to eliminate rabies, ending the suffering from this entirely preventable disease.

Thank you!

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