World Rabies Day MSD Awards

Around the world there are hundreds of unsung heroes working in rabies prevention. We can only guess at how many lives they save. 

The World Rabies Day MSD Awards aim to recognise and reward the work of individuals and organisations making an extraordinary contribution to rabies prevention in their communities and as part of the goal of global elimination.

Please consider nominating people you believe deserve some recognition and please share this opportunity with your network.

Here's the what, who, where, when, how and why of getting involved...


What - There are eight awards of US$1200 (one each for individuals and organisations in the four eligible regions - see 'Where').

Who - Nominees need to be making an active contribution to rabies prevention and living (or based) in their nominated region. Organisations can be governmental, non-governmental or private. Self-nominations are allowed.

Where - The awards are being offered for current work in four rabies-endemic regions: 

  • Sub-Saharan Africa; 
  • Asia & Oceania; 
  • the Americas; 
  • Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Europe.

When -  Nominations are now open and must submitted by 4th September 2016.

How - Nominations are via the online forms on the GARC website.

Why - Because it is nice to receive a 'thank-you'. And it raises awareness of the disease and the amazing work going on to eliminate it.

What next? Please get involved - more information and nomination forms are at