New MEEREB website supports rabies advocacy and education efforts

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Map from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and North Africa Rabies Expert Bureau (MEEREB) website showing all 15 member countries of the MEEREB network.Fondation Mérieux, coordinator of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and North Africa Rabies Expert Bureau (MEEREB), has proudly launched, in early August, a new website. The site is designed to better inform and engage members in the 15-country MEEREB region (pictured) and support the dissemination of information from actions and activities geared by MEEREB members and by our valuable partners. 

MEEREEB has broadened its content offerings on the website to provide an increased level of general information about rabies and improved access to educational and advocacy materials, a direct reflection of our organizational mission—to support efforts on all fronts to eliminate human rabies. The new site includes:

  • A new FAQ with general information about rabies
  • Links to past MEEREB meeting minutes
  • An overview of MEEREB’s goals and work to support rabies control and prevention
  • A map of MEEREB member countries
  • Lists of partners
  • Resources for veterinarians, rabies researchers, community health care workers and rabies activists
  • Links to news stories related to MEEREB activities

Of particular interest to rabies community in this region are the scientific publications from MEEREB researchers and the meeting minutes from recent MEEREB meetings.  Additionally, media and advocacy packages can be found in French and English—including links to posters, media kits, logos and flyers. Rabies educators can find posters to help promote classes where the Rabies Educator Certificate (REC) is offered.

We invite you to take a look! Click on the following link to see the new site:

Contributed by Valentina Picot, Fondation Mérieux Research Advisor and Coordinator of the MEEREB network.