GDREP - A planning tool for mass dog vaccination

The US CDC has constructed a user-friendly tool, the Global Dog Rabies Elimination Pathway (GDREP) tool, to help public health officials plan the resources needed to achieve rabies elimination by 2030 through mass vaccination of dogs. The tool was based on the WHO recommendation of vaccinating 70% of the dog population for several years to eliminate dog rabies.

When the user inputs demographic data (human population, percent urban, human-to-dog ratio), current dog vaccination coverage, logistic data for the campaigns (available vaccinators, dog vaccination rates, campaign duration), and an estimated cost per vaccinated dog, they will automatically see the estimated time and overall costs required to achieve elimination. 

If they change the resources available, they can see how that changes the results, allowing programme managers to predict workload, budget and capacity needs for an elimination campaign. The tool provides default values based on publicly available data, but country-users can improve these input values based on local expertise and statistics.


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Download the GDREP tool user guide here

Learn more about the GDREP here.

Learn more about the GDREP tool here