Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin (REB)

Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin (REB) icon. GARC rabies surveillance system.

Used by: National rabies focal persons from human and animal health.

What is the REB?

The Rabies Epidemiological Bulletin (REB) is a free-to-use, One Health rabies surveillance system that has been built by GARC for use by national governments. By using the REB, countries can ensure that relevant rabies data is easily collected, aggregated, and automatically analyzed.

The REB has been specifically designed for those countries that do not have the capacity or resources to develop, build, and implement their own dedicated rabies surveillance systems. In support of this, GARC provides human and technological resources to develop a customized system for each country with the REB.

The REB is currently being used extensively by national governments throughout all the rabies-specific regional networks – PARACONARACON and MERACON

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Why should I use the REB?

The REB:

  • Is a comprehensive rabies surveillance system.
  • Collects all required data elements for rabies.
  • Is easy to use.
  • Is free.
  • Integrates easily with existing systems and tools.

It will help you to:

  • Aggregate data from all administrative levels.
  • Analyze and visualize rabies data from across the country.
  • Meet your regional and international reporting requirements.
  • Facilitate inter-sectoral data sharing.
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What data does the REB capture?

  • All recommended minimum data elements for a good rabies program.
  • Human health data aligned with the WHO requirements.
  • Animal health data aligned with the OIE standards.
  • Data from all other GARC surveillance tools.
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What are the outputs from the REB?

  • Aggregated national data.
  • Reports aligned with global requirements.
  • Data trends.
  • Automatically generated maps, graphs, charts, and tables.
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What other benefits does the REB provide?

The REB:

  • is a platform that integrates all GARC’s surveillance tools.
  • brings all the tools together onto a single, One Health Platform.
  • is secure. All data remains the property of the government.
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