ISRA University, Hyderabad, Pakistan has been in forefront of awareness and vaccination activities by promoting universal health coverage strategy of WHO and SDG (Goal 3). One hundred and Fifty MBBS students and more than hundred Nursing students will participate in  AWARENESS HEALTH WALK, SEMINAR AND FIELD VISIT / AWARENESS CAMP  under the supervision of department of Community Medicine. This is the regular activity of department of community medicine, ISRA University, Hyderabad since 2014. The theme of this year is Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate it from Pakistan. The student will prepare posters, speeches and stage plays/tablos, road shows for awareness of general population, field visit and visit to Tharparkar desert where Dog bites and Snake bites are major public health problems. This awareness will improve skills and supply of rabies vaccines in urban and remote areas like Tharparkar Desert. Special media talk show on Mehran TV (Local TV channel) will be arranged in Urdu and Sindhi language which has reached in 126 countries through satellite. This program will be a week long program starting from 21st September and will culminate on 28th September 2019.