In Mauretania, rabies is a very serious, but neglected problem, that kills livestock, dogs and people without any proper attempt by the city council to change the situation. The city council just regularly organizes killing-missions. The hired soldiers don't differ between stray dogs and pets, they kill every single one they find in the streets, and sometimes they even chase dogs out of open doors, because they are paid per head. So they often kill people´s pets as well. We are now organizing a first conference and a first vaccination-action on September 28th, the world-rabies day to make people aware of the problem. Together with the Ministery of Healht, the Ministery of rural developpement, a couple of private veterinarians, the national veterinarian research center, the national NGO who fights rabies, the WHO and FAO and other private helpers, we will give our new project a official start and use this day as a communication platform... Everybody keep their fingers crossed!