The Chiang Mai Model for Rabies Control

Lanna Dog Welfare, in collaboration with the Chiang Mai Provincial Livestock Office, has agreed to undertake a sustainable model for rabies control and humane stray dog management in the area of City Hall. Hundreds of stray dogs roam around the City Hall area as well as many other government offices.

Using the occasion of World Rabies Day, we will commence this Chiang Mai Model project on September 29th 2018, and continue for one year initially.

Using digital technology, we will map dog distribution and plan the humane capture of stray dogs with care giver volunteers. The captured animals will then be sterilized and given rabies vaccinations. 

After sterilization and vaccination, all dogs will be returned their original locations and cared for as community dogs. This will improve the health and well-being of the free-roaming dogs and provide rabies vaccination coverage.

Importantly, the dogs can then continue to live side by side with humans in harmony, demonstrating that

Animal Welfare is Human Welfare”.