Vaccinating owned dog against rabies at the Nowzad Vet Clinic

The Nowzad Veterinary Team will take to the streets to distribute information brochures to the public throughout the day on rabies, its symptoms, the importance of rabies vaccinations, what to do if a dog with rabies is seen or known about, how to stay safe around a rabid dog and what to do if bitten. Banners with basic information on rabies will also be put up at key sites around Kabul city (busy road intersections and marketplaces for example). The Team will also be visiting several secondary schools in Kabul on September 28th to teach about rabies and also the basics of animal welfare to students in Grades 7-12.

Furthermore, our vets will provide free rabies vaccinations to owners bringing their dogs and cats to the clinic in Kabul on the day, as well as to the owners of working equines at various sites around Kabul (for instance at the brick kilns). Donkeys and horses are often bitten by rabid dogs leading to further suffering and spread of the disease amongst populations. 

Event images

Rabies vaccination drive in Kabul, Afghanistan
Educating secondary school students on the risk of rabies to humans
Educating primary school children on animal welfare, rabies and how to treat dogs with compassion
Donkey bitten on the muzzle by a rabid dog
Nowzad information banner on rabies
Distributing information on rabies in Kabul
Conducting rabies vaccination drive at our clinic
The team vaccinated 22 dogs against rabies on the day
Information banners on rabies put up across the city
Distributing info leaflets on rabies to children
Nowzad rabies awareness program in schools